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Welcome to Dads of Gaming. DoG was created by 3 fathers who wanted to enjoy their online experience. We wanted a place were guys could get together with other like-minded gamers and setup online games without the foul-mouthed "Timmies" we've all come to know so well. We wanted a place where we could share our tough times and our accomplishments as fathers, but we also wanted to talk gaming and other BS.

That was our original intention when DoG launched in March of 2007. It turned into much more than we could have imagined. We've grown into an awesome community of guys, some fathers, and some not, who like to game for the fun of it. We're not a clan, and our skill levels range from absolute beginner to pro....well almost pro. Well...I'm pro. (Pro BSer) lol.

The best way I've found to describe Dads of Gaming is it's like hanging out with 50 of your best friends on Friday night at a bar.

Though the name is Dads of Gaming, being a dad is not a requirement. We just ask that you're a guy that likes to have fun with games, and don't take them too seriously. We don't have an age requirement, DoG is more about attitude than a number, but we do find that typically 25+ fit in best here.

Again, welcome to DoG. Come on in, the beer's in the fridge. Grab a cold one, kick back and let the games begin.


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07 Mar 2014 - Happy Birthday DoG

:birthday: DoG  :birthday:

DoG Turns 7 this month. WOW! It's been one heck of a ride.

We've had some great people come through here. We STILL have some great people. We've also had our share of not so great people. The memories we've shared, the little tight-knit community we've formed, it's all been so great.

7 Years ago 3 crazy fellas from different parts of the U.S. met by chance on the internet. Gaming drew us together and shaped our fates. All of us had the same woes with gaming, which revolved around the young fouled-mouth kids that sucked the fun out of gaming like Nosferatu on steroids. We affectionately refer to them as "Timmies". We wondered if we could make a website where we could set up games with other people who felt the same. Being Dads ourselves and coming from a parenting based site, we formed "Dads of Gaming" of DoG.  Out intent was to gather a few like-minded individuals so we could play online and bring the fun back. DoG turned out to be so much more. A community developed and blossomed into friendships world wide. Never seeing each other face to face, our bonds grew, and stretched across the globe. Though the US and UK make up the bulk of our memberships, we've have/had members from Canada, Australia, South Africa, and one lone guy from Hong Kong that keeps hanging on. :Cheers: Malt! Though we've see people come and go, DoG remains the same. Timmie-free gaming where we can cut up, game for the fun of it, and have a good time online.

:cheers: Here's to a great 7 years hanging out with you fellas, and here's to hoping for another 7 more.


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Saturday night (Tomorrow) around 9ish EST, we have to give this a shot.

Ok PS4 guys, the Xbox guys beat the Vault of Glass in Destiny. Tomorrow night we're going to make a run at it. Who's with me? We need 6 brave little night lights. Who's in?

Official Thread

12 Mar 2014 - DoG Meetup Summer 2015

Hey everyone!!

With the 7th anniversary of DoG upon us, a few of us thought it would be great to have a DoG meetup. We all have lives and such so we're going to schedule this for next summer to give you procrastinating fools time to plan. Not sure what's going to happen quite yet, I'm gauging interest so we can select appropriate venues. Right now the plan is possibly on the outskirts of Atlanta, rent some cabins or something for a weekend. Who would be up for something like that?

Post your feedback in our thread here:
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